AWESOME! You have decided that it is now time to purchase your FIRST home. There is nothing more rewarding than someone handing you the keys to YOUR house. You’re probably wondering where to start, who to contact, and what you need to do! No worries,the Bama Mortgage Team can help lead you to home ownership in Oeplika and the surrounding areas all you have to do is get pre qualified.


How do I get Pre-Qualified?

EASY! Do you have 10-15 minutes to spare online or even on the phone? IF yes, CLICK HERE and fill out the QUICK pre qualification form. If you prefer to speak to someone, give Brad a call at (334)-707-3178 and he can walk you through the application process.

What Information is needed for the Application?

Great Question! You will need to know basic information such as

  • Name
  • current address
  • birthday
  • social security number
  • previous address
  • Co Borrowers information (this would be a spouse or whoever else will be on the loan as well)
  • Current and Past Employment History
  • Assets (Bank & Real Estate) if you currently have any
  • Your current Expenses and Income

These are all things you can also make an estimate on if you do now know exacts. We can work through the details later. Here is exactly what the application tool bar will look like in our system.                        


Okay, So I’m Pre Qualified now what?

IT’S time to SHOP! When you’re pre qualified, you are letting your realtor know that you are READY. They also have an idea of what houses to show you that are in your price range. Nothing is more disheartening than walking into a $600,000 home and being qualified for $350,000. That’ why being pre qualified and knowing your budget is SO important. Plus, with the market being extremely HOT in Opelika, when you find your dream home, you will want to make an offer and FAST. Why wait?


My Loan Originator just told me I don’t qualify quite yet…What can I do?

Again, this is why we want our borrowers to fill out the application. Just because you didn’t qualify today doesn’t mean that you won’t 6 months from now. Our Loan Originators genuinely care for their clients. They will go over exactly WHY you didn’t qualify and work with you UNTIL YOU DO QUALIFY! Credit is easy to fix when you know exactly where you need to fix it and how! That’s why we are here.

We can’t wait to begin this journey to homeownership with you! We will work with you every step of the way! See you at the Closing Table!


Bama Mortgage Team